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Pembina Valley Farms Inc
Online Timed Auction bidding
Westlock, AB, CAN

2021年 4月 7日 星期三
開始時間 下午 12:00 ({0} {1}您的時區)
Westlock, AB, Canada T7P2P5
電話. +1.800.491.4494
傳真. +1(403) 327-4243
地圖和方位 地圖和方位

42 天



This is an online-only Timed Auction

Items selling in this auction are selling via our our automated Timed Auction system, with no auctioneer.

  • There will be no onsite bidding for this auction
  • Customers will need to register and bid online via our automated Timed Auction system
  • It's free to register and bid online – there are no fees for this service
  • Pre-sale equipment viewing & post-sale equipment pick-up by appointment only
  • No admittance to site on auction day
  • Face masks must be worn to enter any Ritchie Bros. facility
  • Transaction fees are applicable to all successful buyers

How Timed Auctions work

Timed Auctions are an automated online auction system with no auctioneer. You can place bids on one or more items via a "Quick Bid" (i.e. bid once, then place subsequent bids if outbid) and "Maximum Bid", where you enter the amount you are willing to bid up to, and the system automatically bids for you. Bidding opens a few days before the auction date and closes at staggered times during the auction.

Learn more about Timed Auctions.

Online bidding is always free

At Ritchie Bros., it's always free to register and bid online in any of our auctions – we do not charge any fees in order to use this service, regardless of whether you bid via our website, our mobile app, or in our Timed auctions.

Directions to auction site:

Westlock AB, on Hwy 44 go 13 km (8 miles) North to Sunnie Bend Rd then 9 km (5.5 miles) West to RR 10, then 0.4 km (1/4 mile) North. Yard is on the West side of the road.

View map to location (GPS: 54.2721042, -114.0020169)

For more information, please contact:

Kerry Gatzki - ( T: +1 (780) 349-1155 ; E: ggatzki@hotmail.com)

Territory Manager:
Doug Sinclair - (T: +1 (780) 933-9156)




如果您希望親自在拍賣會現場競買,請檢視以下現場登記開始時間。 如果您希望線上競買,請立即登記線上競買。 註:您可能需要交納一筆可退還的按金。


線上檢視詳細的設備資訊和照片。 您也可以在拍賣會現場測試和檢驗設備,或者派人代表您進行。 請謹記, 每件拍品依照「現地現狀」原則出售。


在拍賣日之前檢查拍賣會日程,知道在何時何地進行競買。 提早線上登錄或到達拍賣會現場——不要錯失良機!


前往 Westlock, AB 深入瞭解我們的拍賣網站


離場日期: Wednesday Apr 21st, 2021



Important note to foreign buyers
Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba farmland is subject to restrictions on foreign ownership. Interested parties must obtain proper legal advice prior to bidding.




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