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CA$82+ million of equipment sold in largest Grande Prairie auction ever

Auction Results 評論
November 23 – 26 auction sets new site records for GTV, lots sold, and number of bidders. Last week we conducted our largest Grande Prairie, AB auction ever, selling CA$82+ million (US$63+ million) of equipment and trucks over four...

Online shopping pushes sales of forklifts and trucks: Market Trends Report

Auction Results 評論
‘We’re at an interesting intersection with the used forklift market in the U.S.’ Online retailers are busier than ever, managing massive warehouses, and shipping items around the world. For Ritchie Bros., this has resulted in record...

Pickup truck sales hit the next gear

Auction Results 評論
Ritchie Bros. sees new record as pickup truck sales soar When you think of Ritchie Bros. and IronPlanet, you tend to think of big yellow iron that permeates construction sites and work zones. But it’s no small secret that there are a...

End your year strong by selling used equipment

Advice for sellers 評論
Take advantage of a prime time to sell before the end of 2020 – with help from Ritchie Bros. With 2021 just around the corner, you might be thinking of generating cash for your business or adjusting your equipment fleet. And if you...

Ritchie Bros. continues online success with CA$110+ million auction in Edmonton, AB

Auction Results 評論
Four-day, online-only event attracted close to 19,000 registered bidders—up 49% year over year Just seven weeks after selling 10,000+ items , Ritchie Bros.’ Edmonton team was back at it last week, selling another 9,200+ equipment...

Timed Auctions move massive amounts of farm equipment this fall

Auction Results 評論
24 on-the-farm auctions held in Western Canada this fall Last week Ritchie Bros. conducted 11 on-the-farm retirement sales through its Timed Auction platform. Traditionally used for smaller items like attachments, tools, and consumer...

Ritchie Bros. hits CA$34 million with its largest Chilliwack auction ever

Auction Results 評論
Company continues to break records since moving onsite auctions all online due to COVID-19. With online attendance at an all-time high, Ritchie Bros. conducted another record-breaking auction last week. Over two days we sold 1,600+ ...

The Forks Will Rise – record forklift sales at Ritchie Bros

Auction Results 評論
79,000 forklifts sold in 10 years Above graph shows mix of forklift types sold in the US through Ritchie Bros. Approximately two-thirds of forklifts sold in US are combustion engine models (Source: RB Market Trends) As online...

Ritchie Bros.: your local and international landscaping equipment marketplace

Auction Results Advice for sellers 評論
$2.7 billion of landscaping equipment At Ritchie Bros. we sell a lot of big equipment—cranes, rock trucks, giant excavators—but we also sell a ton of smaller gear for smaller jobs. In fact, over the past decade alone we have sold more...

Van trailer sales skyrocket in 2020

Auction Results 評論
Caption: Van trailer sales are on the rise, particularly in the US as shown here. Source: RB Market Trends (US data) 6,850+ van & reefer trailers sold Jan-Jun 2020 Ritchie Bros. sells tens of thousands of trailers every...
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