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If you want to succeed in business, you have to think outside the box. And that means thinking outside of your own state, country or continent when it comes to buying equipment—as many Ritchie Bros. customers do.

We hold 300+ auctions worldwide each year, and many of our customers take advantage of our global network of auctions to get the equipment they need at the right price.

In their own words, Ritchie Bros. customers explain the reasons they buy beyond their own borders.

Massive selection

If you can’t find what you need at home, you need to look beyond your own backyard as did Sandeep Garg of Punj Lloyd Limited, India’s second largest engineering firm. Unable to find the equipment he needed in India, he started attending Ritchie Bros. auctions around the world.

To find the equipment he needed, Sandeep Garg had to look beyond India. "The selection of equipment is incredible, the pace of the auction is fast, and the whole process is very fair and efficient. I know what equipment will be sold, I can inspect it before the auction and, if I am the successful bidder, the equipment is available right away." — Sandeep Garg


Save money

Supply and demand, plus exchange rates, can make a big difference to the price you pay for equipment locally versus overseas. When Leon Brunt and Jack Ash of Australia’s Brash Contracting were in the market for a wheel loader for a mining operation, they did their homework. When comparing costs of wheel loaders in Australia, plus exchange rates, they decided to buy at a Ritchie Bros. auction in Asia. Their decision paid off.

Leo Brunt saved $100,000 by buying equipment overseas. "It was actually our first time purchasing a piece of equipment outside the country. Once Jack purchased the machine he went around to some of the shipping companies at the site to get quotes. It was a little bit of work to get everything organized but we probably saved ourselves $100,000 and the wheel loader only took a month to ship." — Leo Brunt


300+ opportunities to buy each year

Steve Pokrajac of Pokrajac Construction Company in California purchases equipment from Ritchie Bros. auctions across the US. Steve has attended more than 100 Ritchie Bros. auctions! He believes Ritchie Bros. auctions represent true auctions, as “there are no minimum prices, no bid-ins or buy backs, no shenanigans.” Plus there are many opportunities to buy. Ritchie Bros. held 349 unreserved auctions and sold 319,500 lots in 2014 alone.

Steve Pokrajac believes Ritchie Bros. auctions represent true auctions "That's the great thing about Ritchie Bros.: there's an auction going on almost every day. " — Steve Pokrajac


No need to leave your business (or your home). You can bid online.

More than 1,400 items are sold at an average Ritchie Bros. auction, and each site is located close to major transportation routes and ports. When you can’t make it to the auction site on auction day, you can bid online in real time at auctions around the world. Canada’s Bryan Gour first started buying online at Ritchie Bros. auctions with his late father-in-law Jim Blanche – over breakfast.

Bryan Gour appreciates the convenience of buying online in real time "We'd be frying up eggs and bacon in Jim's kitchen, with the speakers turned up on the computer in the background. We'd listen to the auctioneer and then run over and bid when the piece we wanted came up for auction." – Bryan Gour


Works as part of a business plan

Ruben Encinas took advantage of his location in Mexicali, Mexico to buy equipment at Ritchie Bros. auctions throughout North America. The entrepreneur has bid at hundreds of Ritchie Bros. auctions and built a successful business buying equipment in North America and selling it locally in Mexico.

Ruben Encinas has built a successful business out of buying equipment beyond his borders "I realized that buying and selling heavy equipment would be a good business pursuit. Ritchie Bros. has been very important to me and my family… Ritchie Bros. has changed our lives.” — Ruben Encinas


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