Lessons from Walmart: five reasons to consider buying a used fleet truck

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Walmart fleet trucks are spec'd or better mileage

Thinking of adding a few used transport trucks to your own fleet? Need to buy a used transport truck to start your own business? Consider the advantages of buying a used truck tractor from a well-known and reputable fleet.
Walmart is one company with a reputation of owning and operating a fleet of fuel-efficient and long-lasting transport trucks. Walmart specs its own trucks for better mileage,and has also established a proactive preventive maintenance program to keep its trucks road ready. A number of trucks from the Walmart fleet sell at Ritchie Bros. auctions.

Walmart's fleet demonstrates five reasons to consider buying a used fleet truck:

  1. Scheduled preventive maintenance program
    Walmart has a set preventive maintenance program in place. Regular preventive maintenance is typically performed by one of its many Automotive Service Excellence-certified technicians and tracked using maintenance software. When it's time for a truck tractor'€™s oil or air filter change, for example, the software sends a maintenance alert notification. The truck is then brought into the nearest Walmart or partner service center. Every service center is held accountable for timely maintenance by a grading system.
  2. Fuel efficiency
    When deciding to purchase trucks for its fleet, Walmart considers every feature from the type of tires to the overall design. When considering the design of the truck, aerodynamics comes into play. When considering tires for the trucks, Walmart chooses tires that offer the best MPG (miles per gallon) as well as which tires are appropriate for the type of terrain the truck will be travelling.
  3. Heavy-duty repairs performed by dealership
    When heavy-duty repairs are necessary, Walmart brings its trucks to the appropriate dealer: International trucks are brought to an International dealer; Peterbilt trucks to a Peterbilt dealer, etc. By having a dealership carry out the work, Walmart ensures its trucks are worked on by factory-trained technicians who use only original (OEM) parts.
  4. Current EPA Emission Standards and Idling Law compliance
    The Walmart fleet mainly operates within the continental United States, with some routes into Canada and Alaska.  As a result, all fleet truck engines meet current US emission standards. Trucks with sleeper units also come standard with an auxiliary power unit (APU) for increased cost-savings, cab climate control and to conform to US Idling Laws.
  5. Good selection of late model trucks
    Most trucks in the Walmart fleet travel no more than 225-275 miles in a one-way trip, and they'€™re sold when they reach a pre-determined mileage. Most of the trucks from the Walmart fleet are late model trucks in overall good condition.

Every year, Ritchie Bros. sells thousands of trucks at unreserved auctions all over the world. You can find a great selection of used transportation trucks from the Walmart fleet in upcoming Ritchie Bros. auctions.

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